Advice from Vera Wang!

Advice from Vera Wang!. Mobile Image

Mar 12, 2013

My Advice



Do you wish to keep your wedding look sensual or casual, but still celebratory? My suggestion is to choose a gown with soft construction, which means the fabric you select is critical.


For understated yet elegant, I recommend silk crepe and crepe blends; these fabrics are versatile in terms of draping, embellishing or tailoring and perfect for featuring elaborate accessories, special jewelry or extravagant flowers.


For daring and provocative, I recommend silk charmeuse; one of the most glamorous and luxurious fabrics, it was a favorite of Hollywood sirens such as Jean Harlow. However, silk charmeuse as well as jersey and chiffon are body-conscious and therefore not suitable for every bride. For a more forgiving yet still softly constructed fabric, choose a gown made of georgette.


In all fabrics, a narrow cut always strikes a nice balance between moods.


-XO, Vera