Ask your ladies to be your bridesmaids with a fun and unique card

Ask your ladies to be your bridesmaids with a fun and unique card. Mobile Image

Jul 04, 2016

Saying “Yes” is one thing – but before you say “I Do”, you will have to make a proposal of your own too. How to ask your friends and relatives to join you on the biggest day of your life, not only as guests, but as bridal attendants too? How to make this proposal as fun and as unique as possible?

We have some inspiring ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

Naughty proposal. If you know your bridesmaids are the kind of girls who really like having fun, why not make your proposals a bit cheekier than tradition dictates? For example, you could point out that a large part of the groomsmen are single – so there will be plenty of fun at the wedding!

Cute and funny. Your bridesmaids are most likely your best friends in the whole wide world – so you would really hate it to see them scared of your “Bridezilla” moments. Ensure them from the very beginning that you plan on being the nicest, calmest and most well-organized bride they have ever seen or heard of! It will poke a bit of fun and humor into your proposal cards!

Honest humor. There’s something irresistible about honesty, especially when it is combined with humor. Create a “bridesmaid proposal” card that says things as they are: that you are most likely going to freak out, that the dresses you choose for them may not be something they would have chosen but, that, in the end, your friendship will prevail – and that you will be genuinely thankful for having such amazing ladies in your life.

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