Bridal Boutique Etiquette: The Dos & Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping

Finding your perfect wedding dress is a unique adventure that isn’t quite like any other shopping experience you’ve encountered before. Bridal boutiques come with a different set of expectations than the standard retail store, which is part of the reason that visiting one is such a special experience! To ensure you get the most out of your bridal appointments, here are the do’s and don’ts of wedding dress shopping:


DO… Be considerate of your boutique’s staff!

This may sound a little obvious, but there are specific ways that we would love for you to help us help you have the experience of a lifetime! Starting when you book your appointments, please have your schedule ready and be prepared with a few times and dates that you would be able to come in. This allows your booking to be a quick, breezy phone call, rather than a long one that keeps us from tending to our guests in-store. Next, please arrive on time to your appointments, and make sure you and your guests allot enough time for traffic and parking. Being late will throw off the boutique’s schedule for the entire day, and every bride deserves a wonderful shopping experience, just as you do!

DON’T… Bring your children to your appointments.

We get it: including your kids in such an exciting moment feels natural, but they can tend to be more of a distraction than a joy in this particular setting. Kids don’t have the attention spans to withstand an entire appointment, or the perspective to understand that all eyes should be on the bride during her fittings. Your guests may feel pulled to tend to a child’s needs rather than pay attention to you, and other brides in the boutique may not appreciate having their special moment impacted by a potential mishap in your child’s behavior. Trust us, you will be grateful to have left your little ones at home.


DO… Be considerate of your boutique’s wedding gowns!

The sample gowns we carry at bridal boutiques are expensive, and we take extreme care of them to ensure we can use them over and over again while helping each blushing bride find the one. As such, we kindly ask that you save any snacks and drinks for after your appointment, and that you ask your stylist to grab any gowns you would like to see, rather than browsing through the racks on your own. Wedding dresses are much heavier than you would expect, and your stylist would be happy to help you search safely! Lastly, as a common courtesy, please wear undergarments to your fitting appointments. It isn’t very sanitary to try on dresses while nude, so don’t be surprised if your stylist requests that you purchase a pair of underwear upon arrival if you didn’t bring any yourself.


DON’T… Be shy!

Your stylists are only as effective as your feedback, and we want to serve you however would be best for you! Bring any inspiration photos you may have and let us know how much guidance you would like us to provide throughout your appointment. Let us know what styles you are loving, which aren’t quite aligned with your vision, and we’ll have you ready for the altar in no time!


Let’s find the wedding dress of your dreams. Book your appointment with Mary’s Designer Bridal Boutique today!