Choose a wedding bouquet that best fits your personality as the bride!

Choose a wedding bouquet that best fits your personality as the bride!. Mobile Image

May 23, 2016

Everything about your wedding should be unique, personal and candid. It should all reflect your personality and what you are all about as a couple – from the dress to the shoes and from the décor to the menu, your entire Big Day should be about YOU!

Of course, your bridal bouquet makes no exception whatsoever – but how to make sure you choose one that really suits you as a bride? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

You’re a hopeless romantic. You have been dreaming of this moment ever since you were six and wanted to be a princess. You have always wanted the big dress and the big wedding – and your bouquet should speak about that. We suggest you settle on something that incorporates large, soft-colored blooms and delicate greenery – it will look wonderful in your hands!

You’re a timelessly classy lady. The little black dress, the red lipstick, Chanel perfume – they’re all golden rules for your style. Your wedding bouquet should reflect ever-lasting elegance in monochromatic, classy flowers – such as white roses, for example.

You’re a free-spirited woman. You opted for an outdoor wedding (and your wedding theme is either rustic-chic or something inspired by nature). Your wedding bouquet should incorporate your energy, your love of nature and your delicacy as well. Wild flowers, textural fabrics, non-floral elements and combinations of big blooms with small flowers – these are some of the elements you will love to bring into your bridal bouquet.

You’re a modern bride. You don’t care about traditional rules and you’re ready to break them all, if needed. Your bouquet should be bold and ecstatic, unique and as unconventional as possible. Cascading bouquets of bright-colored flowers, unique flower combinations and color-blocking as the main color “rule” – you’ll find these elements to suit you the best!

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