Choose a wedding veil style that fits your look!

Choose a wedding veil style that fits your look!. Mobile Image

Mar 15, 2016

Your wedding veil is not just an accessory – it is a statement. It is part of who you are as a bride and it should complement not only your wedding dress, but your personality, style and even your love story as well.


How to choose a wedding veil style that truly fits your look? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


The feminine lady. If you want to be a very feminine bride and if you want to awe everyone with your grace, choose a wedding veil made entirely out of lace. It is bound to look gorgeous on you! Also, consider the option of a New Mantilla wedding veil too. Part made with lace, part with tulle (or similar fabrics), this veil will add an ethnic touch to your bridal look, making you even more unique.


The glamorous queen. Some brides want to be really glamorous on their wedding day – and if you are one of them, your wedding veil should speak about that. We suggest a veil with a classic design, made out of tulle and with embellishments on it. It will look stunning!


The vintage aficionado. If you are the kind of woman who loves vintage fashion, a birdcage or a bandeau wedding veil will suit you. Mysterious and almost torn out of another era, these types of wedding veils are still extremely popular with many brides.


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