Combine colors together perfectly for a gorgeous wedding color scheme

Combine colors together perfectly for a gorgeous wedding color scheme. Mobile Image

Aug 01, 2016

Your wedding color scheme should not be an accident. It shouldn’t be the kind of thing you simply wake up one day and decide on. Although colors may seem unimportant, they can actually play a huge role in creating the perfect environment at your wedding – so it is highly essential that you pay attention to how you choose them.

And how do you that, to be more precise? How do you combine colors together perfectly for a gorgeous wedding color scheme? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

The season outside. While you don’t have to allow the season to dictate your wedding colors, taking a look outside can definitely provide you with some good inspiration. Most of the times, Mother Nature is the best artist there has ever been – so “learning” from it can be more than helpful.

The skin tone. What are the colors that look good on you? What about your bridesmaids? Considering all of you will be permanently surrounded by your wedding colors, you might want to choose something that suits all of you very well.

The venue. Take a good look at the venue as well. See what colors work best with it and how you could incorporate them in a seamless, stylish way. Otherwise, the contrast between your venue’s style/colors and your wedding décor may be too strong for you to be able to create something truly elegant and well-balanced.

The vibe. Do you want a wedding filled with timeless sophistication? Or would you much rather settle for a wedding that’s full of youthfulness and personality? The colors you choose can talk about your story – so do some research and see what each color means, and how it can be combined with other colors for the perfect message!

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