Congratulations, you got engaged! But do you know the next steps to the wedding planning process? Take a look:

Congratulations, you got engaged! But do you know the next steps to the wedding planning process?. Mobile Image

Jan 04, 2016

Oh, the big ring, the big eyes full of surprise and the big “Yes” that comes with all this! Getting engaged is a truly exciting moment in every person’s life – and if you have been popped the Big Question, you surely know how amazing it must all feel.

Are you ready for what is to come, though? We have gathered some tips to guide you through your first wedding planning process – so read on, find out more and be prepared to face everything with grace and with an organized mind.

Create a timetable. This will help you move through the wedding planning process in a more organized way – and it can really save you from those downright stressful moments too.

Dream up. Think of your dream wedding and what it would look like. Will it be a madly opulent event? Or would you much rather settle on an intimate, but elegant gathering?

Plan the budget. Money may not be the most important thing in life – but you can’t pay your venue and caterers with matches, so creating a budget is really important. What’s even more important, though, is sticking to your aforementioned plan.

Create a guest list. Or, better said, a draft guest list. It should give you a rough estimate of how many people will be at your wedding, so that you know what kind of venue to search for.

In general, it is advisable that you do this before the engagement party. This way, people who want to bring a gift will have a source of inspiration. Also, registering early will give future guests plenty of time to decide on what they want to buy for your Big Day.

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