Do you know how to calm your nerves on your wedding day?

Do you know how to calm your nerves on your wedding day?. Mobile Image

Jun 20, 2016

Your wedding day is bound to be one of the most amazing days of your life. Filled with love, hope, beauty and glamor, this special day will mark the beginning of a new era in your love story – and that’s a huge reason to celebrate.


How to make sure you keep yourself calm on your Big Day? How to stay away from stress, anxiety and every negative feeling that might arise? Here are some tips to remember:


Do something completely crazy and unexpected – such as dancing around the room with your bridesmaids on your favorite Beyoncé tune. This will help your brain release happiness-inducing endorphins and thus, it will also help you keep stress at bay.


Sneak out with your fiancé. This is the person you will share your life with from now on – so why wouldn’t you be allowed to sneak out with him and simply relax? It will put things in perspective and it will remind you of the most important wedding-day element: love itself.


Stay hydrated and eat something. Being dehydrated and hungry will not only add to the wedding day stress, but it can also be completely dangerous. Take a few minutes off this busy day to drink water and have a few bites. Also, remember to keep your alcohol intake under control – with all the stress and anxiety surrounding the entire Big Day (and, most likely, with the sleepless nights that preceded it), you risk getting tipsier than you think – and that’s not something you want on your wedding day.


Plan for the worst-case scenarios. Although it may not be very pleasant to think of the things that could go wrong on your wedding day, it can definitely help you be less stressed out and more focused. Knowing what to do in the worst-case scenarios will give you peace of mind and clarity – which is precisely what you need on your wedding day to make sure stress and anxiety don’t take over.


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