Dream Big, Save Big On Your Wedding

Dream Big, Save Big On Your Wedding. Mobile Image

Apr 05, 2019

This article originally appeared on the Maggie Sottero blog


When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s all about knowing your priorities and using your money wisely. Dreaming of a Kardashian-esque flower wall? Go for it, but think about spending less on your centerpieces. Shop at a Maggie Sottero Designs store event to score discounts on accessories or alterations. Keep scrolling for more tips on how to save big on your wedding without losing the “dream” part…


How To: Save Money On Your Wedding


  1. Cut the Guest List Down from the Start

    One of the not-so-easy ways to save big on your wedding is to narrow down your guest list; fewer guests equals less stress and lower overhead. If you’re feeling the pressure to invite everyone, including your third cousin twice removed, think about having a separate party or reception time designated later to celebrate with those not invited to the actual wedding.

  2.  Simplify or Digitize the Invites

    Choose a one-sheet paper invite and direct your guests to an online RSVP or wedding website, or go totally digital with e-vites. After all, it’s 2019!

  3. Don’t Go Crazy on the Pre-Wedding Festivities

    If budget is the name of the game, a Cancun bachelorette party is off the table. Host a casual wedding shower at your favorite restaurant, or get friends and family to host brunch in lieu of a gift.

  4. Fall in Love with an Affordable Dress

    Maggie Sottero Designs’ line of affordable wedding dresses, Rebecca Ingram, offers timeless and elegant gowns at incredible prices. Hope is romantic and vintage-inspired, with a price tag that doesn’t break the bank. Another of our favorites, Olivia, features illusion and keyhole details accented in lace appliqués. A tight budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or quality!

  5. Choose a Customizable Wedding Gown Instead of Two Looks

    Add separates and accessories so you can switch up your look between ceremony and reception. Detachable overskirts, lace-trimmed trains, and illusion lace jackets add volume, detail, and whimsy—the perfect way to feel like a movie star without paying for two gowns.

  6. Hire a Day-Of Coordinator Instead of a Wedding Planner

    If you must delegate your agenda to a professional, save big on your wedding day by hiring a day-of coordinator to keep things running smoothly.

  7. . Don’t Splurge on the Cake

    Choose a small cake for the cutting ceremony, or stack cupcakes in place of tiered wedding cake. If you have a large crowd that expects cake, display a small cake up front, and serve from sheet pans in the back of house.

  8. Save on Flowers

      • Arrange them yourself. It’s fun, easier than you think, and a great way to bond with your wedding party.

      • Choose local and seasonal. Lilies and orchids are choice for fall, while April calls for ranunculus and snapdragons. Infuse your bouquet with history and symbolism by incorporating regional favorites, sans import fees.

      • Order through a grocer instead of a florist. Your local marketplace can get fresh, classic flowers just as easily as your florist, but at a fraction of the price.

      • Try an alternative for the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Lanterns, candles, baskets of fruit, vintage clutches, fans, feathers, umbrellas… pretty much anything pretty and hold-able will make an affordable alternative to flowers.

  9. Ditch the Party Favors

    Really. Allocate this budget toward food and décor, or save it for the honeymoon. Once of the best ways to save money on your wedding day is to not spend it in the first place.

  10. Go Minimalist on the Shoes, Accessories, and Beauty Products

    We love shoes. You love shoes. Shoes are fabulous. But a simple and affordable pair of heels will look anything but cheap. If your style is glitzier, a pair of costume-y heels are a fabulous alternative; we promise guests won’t know the difference.

  11. Do Your Own Hair and Makeup

    In the weeks before your wedding, drink plenty of water, moisturize regularly, and brighten your skin with DIY sugar scrubs. Research our favorite beauty products, have a girls’ party to try out some YouTube tutorials, and remember professional airbrushing isn’t the only path to gorgeousness.

  12. DIY the Décor

    Get your crafty aunts to make cute centerpieces with tea lights and votives (there are so many ideas on Pinterest you won’t know where to begin). Remember spray paint and a glue gun are your best friends, and focus on lighting effects over big florals and expensive backdrops.

  13. Host Your Reception in a Restaurant or Backyard

    Opt for a setting that already has décor and mood lighting. Some restaurants include food, tableware, champagne glasses, and atmosphere for a fraction of the price of a wedding venue. Or host your reception in your grandparents’ backyard—the one with the decades-old lilac bushes and fairytale-worthy gazebos.

  14. A Party is About People, Not Bells and Whistles

    Consider compromising on party extras:

    • Do you need a professional DJ, or is an iPod playlist perfectly fine?

    • Are you willing to limit the bar?

    • How about a food truck instead of a caterer?

    • Can someone from the family serve buffet food? (Guests tend to take larger portions than they need; save on costs and cut waste by delegating a server.)

    • Can you take time to set up a photo booth kit? (They’re cheaper than the “real” thing.)

    • Must your grand exit be backlit by fireworks?

  15. Lastly, Have Fun!

    A successful wedding relies more on creativity and moxie than a roster of expensive customizations. Don’t let your “red carpet” dreams sap the energy from your love story.