Every wedding deserves to be gorgeously lit up

Every wedding deserves to be gorgeously lit up. Mobile Image

Sep 05, 2016

Your wedding deserves the most stunning décor, the most delicious food, the most entertaining music and the most amazing atmosphere – and while there are a lot of details to consider when creating the perfect Big Day, it is also very important to remember that lighting plays a huge role in bringing everything together.

What are some of the essential things all couples should know about wedding lighting? Read on to find out more.

Considering the rapid advances in technology, wedding lighting is extremely versatile and diverse these days. From Gobo lighting to up lighting and even intelligent lighting, there’s an option for every wedding style – but first, you should make sure to learn a little about each of them and set a “common language” with your wedding lighting designer.

Even more, it is crucial to make sure you are hiring the right person (and not just in general, but the right person for your particular needs and wedding style). There are a lot of wedding lighting designers that are absolutely amazing – but, to be sure they are suitable for you, we highly suggest you take a look at their previous work and read some testimonials and reviews first.

Last, but definitely not least, remember that it is highly important to communicate with your lighting specialist. They will most likely have a set of questions for you (such as questions about the wedding venue, the space available there, the areas you want to highlight and even the general ambiance you want to create at the wedding). Be sure to answer all of these questions and to make sure you and your lighting designer are always on the same page in terms of what you want for your big day.

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Photo: John Labbe/Preston Bailey