Finding the Perfect Fit

Finding the Perfect Fit. Mobile Image

Aug 31, 2021


Has anyone ever told you about the 4 styles of a wedding dress?

Yes my love, it’s only four. Welp if not, no problem. Go to your bedroom mirror and let’s get started.


First then’s first, what do you love about yourself? Now we all are constantly learning everyday to love our bodies and true selves aside from makeup and any other enhancements. But what’s truly important for finding your dream dress, is to find a gown that highlights the features that you love about yourself. Whether it’s your chest, snatched waist, hips, or sculpted legs. We want you to feel confident on your wedding day!



So after you’ve pinpoint the features you desire to showcase, it’s time to choose the best style for you!


Number One, the Ballgown: Queen Edition

“At Last, my love has come along” Our ballgown cut is for the bride who has waited and dreamed of a magical wedding. This bride loves showing her well defined waist and plans on twirling the night away. Ball gowns, though a bit on the heavier side of wedding dresses, tend to be more intricately adorned with beading and lace. In other words, full glamour.


Next on the chopping board is our Queen’s little sister, The Princess Cut.


The Princess Cut, also known as the A-Line is one of the most sought after styles in both wedding and everyday wear dresses. While conveying the same message of glamour with lace and beading, A-line gowns are lighter in weight. Where an average ballgown is 50-55 ounces, alines usually are only 30. This style of dress not only is super comfortable with its fluid bottom (great for dancing btw), it is very flattering for brides who are either curvy or very lean. Yes yes, you heard me right, this dress style looks good on EVERYONE. A-line gowns, highlight the top portion of one’s bodice. So for all you brides who love to show off your décolleté ( collar bone, chest, shoulders) this is the gown for you!


Been working hard in the gym, wanting to highlight those curves. We present to you….

The Fit to Flare…Fitted Aline…Mermaid…Trumpet.. and all the other million names you’ve heard lol


Fit to Flare Gowns are great for our brides who really want to showcase their figure from top to bottom. This gown accentuates the frame while giving element of surprise with a puffy bottom. Typically brides who choose this style, love to round out their bums to give a lifted and fuller look. Definitely one of our more sexier style choices.


Last, but definitely not least, The Sheath gown.


Sheath gowns, similar to Shift dresses are a very clean straight cut style. With the right amount of beading and glitz, sheath gowns can play into an Old Hollywood, Roaring 20’s glam. Usually designed with draped necklines or blowbacks, this style scream elegance and sophistication.


In closing loves, these are merely recommendations based off our personal experiences working with our brides. Of course every bride is unique and subject to her own opinions on how she should look on her wedding day. Hopefully our tips are helpful to you and your decision when finding your dream wedding dress.


For more tips on how to find the right style for your dream wedding dress, check out our Youtube channel @Marysdesignerbridalboutique




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