Have you chosen at theme for your wedding yet? Take a look at some popular choices:

Have you chosen at theme for your wedding yet? Take a look at some popular choices:. Mobile Image

Apr 18, 2016

The theme you choose for your wedding is extremely important for its success – especially if you want everything to look really beautiful and unique. What are the most popular wedding themes, though? We have gathered them right below – so read on, steal some inspirational ideas and start planning a wedding your guests will absolutely love!

Rustic chic. A top favorite for a few years new, the rustic chic theme is truly gorgeous. The perfect blend between the elegance of nature and the stylishness of fashionable touches can make for an event everyone will always remember – so if you’re tempted by a wedding “out in the wild”, this is your theme.

Secret garden. Also inspired by nature, but a bit closer to the urban landscape, the secret garden theme is perfect for brides and grooms who want their wedding to be delicate and full of positive vibes. Don’t skimp on those florals, though they are the “backbone” of your entire wedding décor!

Color blocking. Want to plan an event that’s daring and youthful? The color blocking technique can be your best friend in putting together the perfect Big Day. Use bold, powerful colors and bring them together in a way that pops with energy and optimism – your guests will love it!

Starry night. In for a more toned-down, elegant and fairytale-kike wedding? The starry night theme is what you are searching for, then! Exquisite, luxurious and sophisticated, this wedding theme will make for unforgettable moments accompanied by deep shades of blue and opulent silvery touches. Splendid idea for a very elegant Big Day!

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