How the couple should behave on the day of the wedding

How the couple should behave on the day of the wedding. Mobile Image

Oct 16, 2018

We are all clear that the couple are the protagonists of the wedding, of that there is no doubt. During the whole event, the guests focus their eyes on them so they have to be up to the task.

The fun at a wedding, how lively it is, depends a lot on the organization and how the couple have worked, how they behave, the surprises they have prepared, so, it is not enough to say “yes”, the guests want much more.



How the couple should behave on the day of the wedding:


  • Natural and showing their happiness. This premise is simple but there is nothing like seeing a couple acting as they always are, spontaneously, leaving the nerves aside and seeing them happy on such a special day for them.

  • Avoid being absent. This may be one of the most important and what has caught my attention talking negatively at a wedding. Especially at the party, the ideal is for the couple to be participative in the dance, relate to the guests on the track, it’s time to relax, eat something, drink and enjoy the last few threads that are left to the day but being present, mixing with the guests until the end.

  • Socialize with the guests. Try to talk to everyone, dedicate even a few minutes to each of them, have come to see you, to be with you, to share a day of happiness, the least you can do is to serve them.

  • Have details with the guests. This makes the wedding very enjoyable, if you think of some details like giving your parents something, giving the bouquet in a special way, making a draw at the party to the best dancer or organizing a game, the guests will be very entertained during the hours of the party, yes, do with a microphone and make all participants of these details.

  • Works the opening dance of the party. It is a moment that will enjoy the guests and should not be lost, if you are ashamed to dance in front of everyone while they watch you, you have to prepare something with which you feel comfortable but something must be done, this dance symbolizes the opening of the party and has to be starred by the couple, so do not overlook it.