How To Bustle A Wedding Dress!


A bustle is done in the alteration process where the train’s fabric is gathered to create a more balanced length at the hem. Wedding gowns don’t come with bustles pre-done, so they are customized for every individual gown. The bustle length will depend on your specific needs and the length of your gown. It also depends on the heel height you choose for your wedding day. Fabrics are differently affected by bustles as well because each fabric gathers differently.


While we can’t necessarily tell you how to bustle a wedding dress yourself, we encourage you to ask your seamstress to show you the process and even consider asking them if you can take a video of it. So many people who try to bustle their dress themselves have a hard time doing it themselves, so it can help to see someone else do it for you.


It’s important that your bustle is aesthetically pleasing to you! Many brides hate their bustles, actually. It’s completely your personal preference. However, the only time your bustle will even be seen is while you’re dancing at the reception and it’s truly necessary to be able to function. If you don’t want to dance with a bustle, you can actually choose to purchase a second dress for the reception. Don’t even bother with the bustle if you truly despise it!


Like we said, the need for it is to function. If you want to be able to dance comfortably in your wedding gown, we highly encourage you to have the gown bustle. You can always wear a second dress for ease of mobility!


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