How to Decide What Color Wedding Dress to Buy!

How to Decide What Color Wedding Dress to Buy!

How to Decide What Color Wedding Dress to Buy!. Mobile Image

Oct 09, 2023

As you know, your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable occasions of your life! Every detail, from the venue to the decorations, is carefully planned to create an unforgettable experience. One of the most important decisions a bride faces is choosing the color of her wedding dress. The color of your gown sets the tone for the entire wedding, reflects your personality, and complements your complexion. Today we’re talking all about the process of deciding what color wedding dress to buy, ensuring you find the perfect shade that enhances your beauty and creates a stunning visual impact.



Consider Your Skin Tone
One of the key factors to consider when choosing the color of your wedding dress is your skin tone. Different skin tones are better suited to particular hues, so it's important to understand your complexion before making a decision. Here are a few general guidelines:

Warm skin tones: If you have warm undertones, such as yellow, peach, or golden hues, consider wedding dress colors like ivory, champagne, or shades of cream. These colors will complement your warm complexion beautifully.

Cool skin tones: If you have cool undertones, such as pink or blue undertones, opt for wedding dress colors like pure white, diamond white, or silver. These cool hues will enhance your natural radiance.

Neutral skin tones: If you have a neutral skin tone, lucky you! You have the freedom to choose from a wide range of colors, including both warm and cool shades. Experiment with various options, and select the one that makes you feel most confident and beautiful.


Consider the Venue and Theme
The location and theme of your wedding can also influence your choice of wedding dress color. Take into account the surroundings, decorations, and the overall ambiance of your venue. For instance:

Traditional venues: If you're getting married in a classic church or an elegant ballroom, white or ivory wedding dresses are timeless and sophisticated choices that suit the traditional setting.

Outdoor and beach weddings: If your wedding is taking place outdoors or on a sandy beach, you may want to consider softer, more romantic hues like blush, pastels, or even shades of blue that will complement the natural scenery.

Non-traditional venues: If you've chosen a unique venue, such as a garden, vineyard, or rustic barn, you have the opportunity to be more adventurous with your dress color. Consider earthy tones, floral patterns, or even bold, vibrant colors that match the overall theme.


Reflect Your Personal Style
Your wedding day is an expression of your personal style, so don't be afraid to let it shine through your choice of wedding dress color. Whether you prefer classic elegance, bohemian chic, or contemporary flair, there is a color that perfectly captures your essence. Experiment with different shades and silhouettes to find the one that makes you feel most beautiful and confident.


Consider Cultural and Symbolic Meanings
In some cultures, specific colors hold significant meanings and traditions. If you want to honor your cultural heritage, consider incorporating those symbolic colors into your wedding dress. For example, red is considered auspicious in many Asian cultures, while blue may represent purity in some Western traditions.

Consult with a Professional
When in doubt, seek advice from professionals! Here at Mary’s, we’ve got an incredible team who knows how to find the perfect gown for your big day. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in helping brides find the perfect wedding dress color. Their insights can be invaluable in guiding you toward the ideal choice based on your preferences, skin tone, and wedding theme!

Remember, the most important factor is to choose a color that reflects your unique personality and makes you shine with confidence and happiness as you walk down the aisle. Happy wedding dress shopping, and when you’re ready, book your appointment with us at Mary’s!