How To Decide What Color Wedding Dress To Order

When it comes to helping brides pick their dream wedding dress, one of the top questions we frequently receive at Mary’s Designer Bridal Boutique in Maryland is, “What color gown should I order?” We completely understand the concern here; after all, there are lots of options for wedding dress colors and it can be daunting to figure out what is best. Today we’re going to offer some advice for figuring out what color to order!



One of the most important things to address here is that if you end up ordering a wedding dress based on a sample gown you tried on in-store, what you end up receiving can oftentimes look different from what you tried on. It’s important to think about this because certain types of beading or sparkles might look vastly different in the store. After all, they might be tarnished or older - when you get the brand-new gown, it will be brand new and will turn out looking quite different.

Our biggest tip is to ask your stylist about the condition of the sample dress to determine whether this will be an issue or not. Your safest bet is to order the dress in the same color you saw it initially to minimize any potential for disappointment! 


 Also, keep in mind what style of dress you’re working with! Let’s say you go with a wedding gown that has a darker undertone with ivory lace on top. Regardless of your skin tone, you’re going to see more of the lace details in photos than you will in real life. If you want something that’s ivory on ivory, we recommend you ask your stylist for an ivory piece of fabric to show side by side so you can see the tones for what they really will look like. Make sure you use a fabric from the same designer as well! 

Ultimately, it’s not really an issue about what color looks best with your skin tone. At the end of the day, it’s up to your personal preference! We think the most important thing is trying on as many dresses in different shades as possible so that you can get the best idea of what you feel most beautiful in. Make sure you bring a camera to your shopping trip so you can take photos and video of each dress to get the most accurate idea of what it will look like. 

If you’re ready to start shopping for your wedding dress, book an appointment with us at Mary’s Designer Bridal Boutique in Maryland today!