How To Determine What Style Wedding Dress You Want

Wedding dress shopping is an exciting, memorable journey, but it can quickly lean into an overwhelming space. With so many gorgeous options to choose from, paired with the internal pressure to pick the perfect dress, we can certainly understand the struggle that many brides face when searching for the gown of their dreams. At Mary’s Designer Bridal Boutique, we love making this process as easy and stress-free as possible for our brides, so here’s a word of advice on strategically approaching your bridal appointment: 


The Silhouette


Ideally, the silhouette will be the first thing you decide about your bridal gown. The silhouette, or shape, determines the entire look and feel of the dress, so selecting your favorite fit is the best way to begin narrowing down your options. Our boutique carries a variety of silhouettes that each offer something unique to their wearer, so when you come in to your appointment, we’ll recommend starting by trying on a few different ones. The most significant factor to determine here is whether you feel best in a fitted dress that closely hugs your curves, or a relaxed dress that flows around your figure, so we’ll likely show you a mermaid and a ball gown first, then work our way through the more in-between shapes from there.


The Design


Whether you’re dreaming of an exquisitely textured gown or something sleek and simple, you should aim to try on a variety of designs. Many brides have their sights set on a certain style they saw on Pinterest, and end up falling in love with something entirely different! As such, we recommend that you come to your appointment with an open mind and give different designs the opportunity to shine. You may just find yourself enamored by a wedding dress you had never imagined!


Your Feedback


Finally, your stylist is an expert in bridal fashion, and our entire team is passionate about everything wedding-related, but our guidance is only as effective as your feedback. The best way you can help us help you is by sharing your honest opinions on what you’re loving, what you aren’t crazy about, and how each gown is making you feel. Every thought you voice gets you one step closer to bringing your bridal vision into reality, so don’t be shy.


Let’s find you the wedding dress of your dreams. Book your appointment with Mary’s Designer Bridal Boutique today.