How to entertain your wedding guests without dancing

How to entertain your wedding guests without dancing. Mobile Image

Oct 03, 2016

Your wedding guests have come a long way to celebrate your love story – so you will surely want to make sure they all have a really great time at your wedding. What other types of entertainment can you plan for them, aside from dancing? We have some fun ideas for you – so read on and inspire yourself.

Photo booth. Renting photo booths is more than popular in today’s wedding world – and not without reason. In the Instagram and Facebook age, people will definitely love shooting fun, professional photos of themselves. And if you add some creative props into the mix, you can definitely entertain everyone at your wedding, regardless of their age (or their eagerness to dance).

Breakfast reception. Although not very common, having a breakfast wedding is a really stylish idea. Considering the time of the day, dancing will be automatically ruled out of the entertainment options – therefore, if you know most of your guests aren’t very much into packing the dance floor, this is a very good option for you. Plus, a breakfast wedding can cost less and still be extremely elegant and sophisticated, so everyone will love it!

Fete-inspired games. Who doesn’t love a good fete game? If you plan on having an outdoor wedding, there’s a myriad of fete games you can include into the Big Day! Consider the option and you will definitely see many benefits to it!

Hire a caricature artist at your wedding and people will be queuing up to have themselves drawn by a pro! This is a really amazing idea if you also want your guests to leave home with truly unique wedding favors too!

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