How To Move Properly In Your Wedding Dress

How To Move Properly In Your Wedding Dress


Brides usually have all sorts of questions and concerns when they’re finding the perfect wedding gown! Among those questions is one of the most commonly asked - “how do I move in my wedding dress?”


It might sound like a silly question, but if you know anything about wedding dresses, it’s not surprising at all! Various types of wedding dresses require different types of maneuvering and movement in order to allow the bride to function properly on her wedding day, so there’s certainly a lot to learn here!


The best advice we can offer brides is, practice, practice, practice!



Now, we don’t mean you should practice moving around in your actual wedding gown. The reason why you want to avoid this is simply because you don’t want to risk getting your gown dirty before your wedding day. It can happen a lot more easily than you’d expect.


By practice, we mean finding a few articles of clothing that are similar in fit to your wedding dress and wearing them around for an extended period of time to get used to that sort of movement. Even practice getting in and out of vehicles! For example, if your wedding dress is a voluminous ball gown, find a petticoat online and practice wearing that. You might even discover that you need to rent a larger car for your wedding day so you have more room to get around.


If you’re wearing a fitted wedding gown, find a tight pencil skirt that will mimic the feeling of a fitted dress and practice walking and moving around.


Ultimately, you have to keep in mind that wedding dresses are a lot more constricting than you think! Most of us are used to wearing clothing that stretches and moves with us, but these gowns don’t quite work that way.


It’s also important that your wedding dress is hemmed properly. You want the bottom of the skirt to graze the floor, not drag. Wearing the right shoes will help you navigate moving around as well; for instance, opt for a block heel if you’ll be walking in the grass at all. If you’re outdoors ANY, have people there to hold your gown as you move.


We hope this advice helps ease your mind! Are you ready to find the perfect wedding dress? Book an appointment with us at Mary’s Designer Bridal Boutique today!