How To Properly Hang a Wedding Dress, Bridesmaid Dress and Formal Gowns

Your invitations are out, your honeymoon is booked, and you've nailed the seating chart. Soon it'll be time for the big day! Still, you're trying to figure out what to do to make sure your dress looks gorgeous. You've probably dreamed about your wedding dress for a long time.


After you pick out your gown, make sure you take good care of it between the final fitting and the big day. The way your dress is stored can really affect your dress and can even damage it if you do it incorrectly! Make sure your wedding gown is wrinkle-free and as beautiful on your big day by learning how to hang it.



With a strapless gown, you'll have inner straps to hang the dress from. Dresses with straps are hung from the inner strap as well. The sleeves will stretch out if you hang it up from the strap. Gowns are much heavier than they seem (and the straps carry all the weight). Always hang them from the inner straps!


If your dress is transparent on top or the inner strap is a darker color, then you can cut them for the wedding day, but save them for after the wedding so you can hang it back up. To hang the gown up right, pin the inner straps back to the inside with really strong safety pins. Just don't hang up your dress if you lose the inner straps - lay it flat inside the garment bag.


Also, watch out for boning in the bodice. Weight can pull the boning down if the hanging strap is attached at the waist instead of the armpit. You should also ask your seamstress to add an inner strap.


In the case of gowns without structured straps, such as illusion necklines, you will be hanging them from the inner straps, but make sure you don't put any weight on the illusion fabric. It's extremely delicate. Observe any stretching that occurs there and avoid it at all costs.


You should also be very careful when zipping up your garment bag. There is a good chance it will get caught! When you have a train, most designers include a loop at the bottom of the train, which you can use to hang the train from your dress hanger. In order for everything to drape evenly, it should be draped up.


All of this may seem complicated, but it’s so important! The way you hang the dress can really make a huge difference. Also, this is all applicable for bridesmaids dresses and evening gowns for other occasions.


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