How To Use The Restroom On Wedding Day

How To Use The Restroom On Wedding Day


On your wedding day, you’ll want to be present for every moment. You’re also a human being and have needs — but you might find it difficult to figure out how to use the restroom while wearing your wedding dress! We at Mary's Designer Bridal Boutique in Maryland completely understand your concern and are here to help offer some tips for your big day!



First things first, the shape and silhouette of your gown can really impact how you use the restroom. In the past, people have always recommended that you gather your bridal party around you and have them lift your skirt while you use the restroom. That’s not necessarily what we recommend because it simply doesn’t work for all gowns!


If you’re wearing a ballgown with a large skirt, you can absolutely have friends lift your skirt up. For most gowns, however, we encourage our brides to simply take their gown off! It’s best to take a moment, relax, and have a second to breathe while using the restroom. Fun fact: because your gown will stretch and move with you, taking it off actually allows the dress to realign on your body once you put it back on!


One thing to keep in mind is how tricky zippers are, especially for a wedding gown. We definitely recommend that you have two people who help you unzip your gown before using the restroom and carefully zipping it back up once you’re ready to put the gown back on. Take extra caution to make sure the zipper is lined up just right so you don't have any snags!


We hope this advice helps alleviate any anxiety about using the restroom on your wedding day! Are you still looking for your dream gown? Book an appointment at Mary's Designer Bridal Boutique in Maryland today!