Keep your wedding guests entertained with activity stations!

Keep your wedding guests entertained with activity stations!. Mobile Image

Jun 07, 2016

Your wedding is a genuinely happy event in your life – so you will definitely want to share your joy and your hope with guests that are greatly excited about the Big Day. How to keep them entertained? What are some activity stations that will keep a smile on your guests’ faces and make for a truly unforgettable wedding?

Here are some tips to remember:

DIY food bars. People may not be great cooks these days – but they still love customizing everything. Why not create a special DIY bar where guests can personalize their own mashed potatoes, their burritos, their mac and cheese – or even their doughnuts and ice cream? These are not only treats for the taste buds, but also great ways to stimulate your guests’ creativity!

Food stations. Unlike a more traditional buffet, a food station will allow guests to eat what and when they want to. In other words, they will skip the awkwardness that comes with standing in line at the buffet – and, instead, they will have a wider variety of options. To make this really special, theme your food stations around famous ethnic cuisine items – guests will love this!

Candy bar. This one is already a classic – but we still love it. Bring together candy and cookies colored in your wedding colors and serve them in nice arrangements – people will love indulging their sweet teeth! What’s more, this kind of activity station can also be a great option for the wedding favors – simply invite guests to take candy home with them, using the personalized bags or boxes you provide them with!

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Photo: Candy Bar Sydney