Period Tips for Wedding Day!

Period Tips for Wedding Day!

Today's blog post will cover a topic that is likely on every bride's mind leading up to the big day - weddings and periods!


Perhaps you're counting down the days on your calendar. Or maybe you use one of those handy apps that tell you when your period is due? No matter how you slice it, you've probably had a moment when you suddenly said, “What if I'm on my period at our wedding?” ” Then there are also the ladies with irregular menstrual cycles who have no clue when it might happen.


Consider the stress of wedding planning. Consider changing your wellness regimen by adding new workouts and diets. Not to mention stress-eating and stress-not-eating! Weddings can seriously disrupt your cycle. In other words, it's a good idea to be prepared for your wedding day regardless of whether you'll be on your period or not.



Our first recommendation is to definitely start tracking your period if you haven’t already. Logging when your period starts and ends will help you figure out when to expect it so you won’t be thrown off when it starts. Of course, for those who are irregular, this is even more difficult. The best thing you can do is speak with your doctor about it - see what options you have to work around it on your wedding day. There are precautions to take that can either postpone or start your period early, so definitely talk to a professional about that.


On your period the day of your wedding? Make sure you communicate this to the people who are closest to you on the day. It’s important that they know how to help you in case of any emergencies. Stay stocked with any period supplies you might need. If you get bad cramps with your period, we encourage you to go ahead and take medication to help with the pain ahead of time.


It also helps to avoid alcohol, caffeine and anything high in sugar prior to your wedding day. Sometimes these can make you bloat and increase your pain levels during your period, so it helps to avoid those at all costs beforehand.


Ultimately, it’s SO important that you prepare ahead of time with any precautions - period. (Sorry for the terrible pun, we couldn’t help ourselves!) Don’t let yourself get surprised by this unwelcome visitor on your wedding day!