Prom/Homecoming Trends for 2022

Prom/Homecoming Trends for 2022

We can say with absolute certainty that this year’s prom and homecoming dress trends are all coming straight from the influence of pop culture! With the way fashion trends are going now, the professionals at Mary’s Bridal in Annapolis, Maryland, are seeing lots of sparkle, pops of color, and tons of y2k inspiration! If you’re looking for the perfect prom dress or homecoming dress, these are the top trends to look out for right now:





If you’re ready to stand out, a neon prom dress is the way to go! It makes a huge statement and gives you lots of room to play with accessories and jewelry. If you opt for this beautiful pink neon dress, a pair of white heels and pearl jewelry would look gorgeous. 





Fit-and-flare dresses are a great choice for those searching for the perfect prom or homecoming dress because they come in all sorts of cuts, styles, and fabrics. This particular dress is ideal because it fits many body shapes! It’s also super elegant, which is a nice touch for a prom or homecoming night. 





We believe it’s truly all about the details, and this beautiful bow on the back of this gown is absolutely stunning! It gives your prom or homecoming dress a unique touch that’s photographable from all sides. Use these as little accents to make your dress pop or turn it into the statement piece of your dress. 





Short dresses have begun to make their mark on the prom dress market even as long gowns remain the classic look. Short gowns offer more movement than long gowns if you're planning on dancing that night. That way you won't be stepping on your dress all night.





Off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder dresses will also be popular prom dress styles in 2022. It features a more modest cut than a strapless dress, so it is ideal for those who are a bit nervous about going fully strapless. The collarbone and neckline of these gowns stand out if you have an hourglass figure or narrow shoulders. In this year's fashion season, it's a look that's seen a resurgence.

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