Someone I Know Wore My Wedding Dress Style - What Do I Do?

We’ve all heard the stories before - a girl ends up going to her friend’s wedding and realizes that her friend is wearing the exact same gown that she picked for her wedding! It sounds like a horror story to many brides, but our team at Mary’s Designer Bridal Boutique in Maryland is here to help ease your mind if you find yourself in this situation! If this is the case for you, read on for some of our top tips!




Because there are so many different types of wedding dresses out there, it makes sense that you would freak out if you see someone wearing your wedding dress. After all, you want to feel special on your big day! The last thing you want is someone comparing you to another bride. So, how can you get a peace of mind in remedying this situation?


The most important thing to remember is that wedding gowns truly look so different on everyone. Even though you might be in the same dress that someone else wore, it will absolutely look different on them. 


The best thing you could do is switch up how you style your hair, how you accessorize the dress, or even how you do your makeup! You can also consider adding an overskirt or some sleeve details to make your dress look different. 

Honestly, most people will never realize they’ve seen someone else in the same wedding dress. You should wear a wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful, and every bride deserves that opportunity! 

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