Styling Tips for Wedding Day: How to Choose the Right Veil

Styling Tips for Wedding Day: How to Choose the Right Veil

One of the most iconic accessories for any bride is the veil, of course! It adds an ethereal touch and completes the bridal look, but choosing the right veil can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it's important to consider various factors that will help you select the perfect veil to complement your wedding dress and personal style. In this blog, we'll share some styling tips to guide you in choosing the right veil for your big day!




Consider Your Dress Style:
The first step in choosing a veil is to consider the style of your wedding dress. The veil should harmonize with the overall aesthetic of your gown. If you have a simple and minimalist dress, a sheer and delicate veil would complement it beautifully. For a romantic and traditional gown, a longer, more ornate veil with lace details can add a touch of elegance. Consider the neckline, silhouette, and fabric of your dress to guide you in selecting a veil that enhances its features.


Length Matters:
Veils come in various lengths, and the length you choose can dramatically alter your look. Here are a few options to consider:

Shoulder-Length Veil: This veil typically ends at or just below the shoulders and works well with modern and shorter dresses. It adds a touch of femininity without overpowering the overall look.

Elbow-Length Veil: Falling around the elbow, this veil offers a classic and elegant look. It works with most dress styles and is particularly flattering if you have a fitted waistline.

Fingertip-Length Veil: This popular choice extends to your fingertips and creates a graceful and timeless appearance. It pairs well with both classic and contemporary gowns.

Cathedral-Length Veil: For a more dramatic and formal look, consider a cathedral-length veil that extends beyond your gown's train. It's a perfect choice for grand and elaborate wedding ceremonies.


Fabric and Embellishments:
The fabric of your veil can greatly impact its overall appearance. Tulle is the most common choice due to its delicate and lightweight nature. However, you can also opt for silk, lace, or chiffon, depending on your preferences and dress style. Consider the fabric of your dress and select a veil that complements it harmoniously.

Embellishments can add a unique touch to your veil. Whether you prefer lace appliques, beading, or embroidery, make sure the details align with your dress and personal style. Remember that less can often be more, so avoid overwhelming your look with excessive embellishments if your dress already features intricate details.


Face Shape and Hairstyle:
When choosing a veil, consider your face shape and hairstyle. Different lengths and styles of veils can flatter various face shapes differently. For example:

Round Face: Opt for a longer veil that creates a vertical line to elongate your face.

Oval Face: Most veil lengths and styles are suitable for an oval face shape, so you have the freedom to choose according to your preferences.

Square Face: Soften the angles of your face with a veil that has cascading layers or a blusher.

Heart-Shaped Face: Choose a veil that narrows at the sides, such as a Juliet cap or a mantilla veil, to balance your facial features.

Additionally, consider how your veil will work with your chosen hairstyle. Whether you prefer an updo, loose waves, or a sleek ponytail, make sure the veil complements and enhances your hairstyle rather than competing with it.

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