There are some people that you should not take with you wedding dress shopping!

There are some people that you should not take with you wedding dress shopping!. Mobile Image

Feb 02, 2016

Shopping for a wedding dress can very much feel like a journey into the unknown. It can get you down, it can stress you up and it can give you the most beautiful state of euphoria once you find something you like.

Of course, the people you bring with you when shopping for the dress can be very important. But what are some of the people you should definitely not include in your wedding gown shopping entourage? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Your groom. This has nothing to do with tradition, but more with the magic of the discovery of a dress that really suits you amazingly. Sure, you can choose to have your groom see you before the wedding, but don’t bring him with you when shopping for the dress. He might get easily bored and this might get you slightly irritated.

People who are too conservative or too young. Your conservative auntie, your flower girl and your 3-year old brother are not to be included in the shopping entourage. They will either annoy you with unsolicited tips of advice or they will be too naughty and energetic for the long and patient process of finding the one.

All of your bridesmaids. Sure, you can bring one or two bridesmaids with you, but you are not even by far obliged to have them all with you as you shop for the wedding dress.

The overly critical or high-maintenance friend. You need people with positive thoughts, not people who will always complain about something. You need to be surrounded by love and appreciation, not mean remarks and criticism that’s anything but.

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