Top 5 Questions To Ask As a Plus Size Bride When Wedding Dress Shopping

Top 5 Questions To Ask As a Plus Size Bride When Wedding Dress Shopping


Shopping for a wedding dress is almost like a rite of passage. It’s something you may have dreamed about when you were young. If only finding the perfect dress was as easy as it was in our childhood daydreams!


Our goal here at Mary’s is to make the bridal gown shopping experience the best possible for every single one of our brides, and part of that is providing you with the knowledge to ask the right questions. Here are the top 5 questions we recommend you ask as a plus size bride (though these can be applicable to any bride):


1. What sizes do you offer in your sample selection?

Before heading into a store to shop for your wedding dress, it’s important that you know what sizes will be available to try on. And don’t get caught up in what size your dress is - bridal gowns actually don’t match up with street style sizing, so it’s common that your wedding dress size will be larger than what you typically wear. It’s all about finding the perfect dress that makes you feel like a queen! And here at Mary’s, we offer sizes 0-32 and carry the largest selection of Curvy Couture wedding dresses!


2. How much selection does the store have in your size?

Many stores can have fewer plus size gowns in-store than other sizes, so it’s important that you understand how many dresses are available for you to try on. 


3. What is the price range for your gowns?

Of course, pricing is super crucial to understand when going into bridal gown shopping! We encourage our brides to have a budget in mind for their gowns so we can find the dresses that fit into that range. 


4. What are the approximate delivery dates for the manufacturers?

It helps to know how long it will take for your dress to come in so you can keep your timeline in check. We recommend that you start shopping for your wedding dress at least a year in advance of your wedding date, especially considering that shipping delays have been occurring more frequently in the past two years. 


5. What is the alteration process like?

Understanding what the alteration process is like helps streamline the entire fitting process when choosing your bridal gown. You won’t need anything special for this at Mary’s - just come to your fitting and we’ll help do the rest with in-house alterations! 


We hope that these questions help alleviate any stress or concerns you have about finding the perfect dress! And if you haven’t found “the one” yet, book your appointment today!