Top 7 Wedding Dress Fashion Trends of 2023

Top 7 Wedding Dress Fashion Trends of 2023

With new trends emerging every year, it's so important to stay updated with the latest fashion-forward choices! In this blog post, we'll explore the top 7 wedding dress fashion trends of 2023 that are captivating brides all around the world.


Detachable Details:
Versatility has taken center stage this year, and detachable details are all the rage! Brides can now transform their wedding dress from a traditional floor-length gown to a chic mini dress or even a trendy jumpsuit. Detachable sleeves, trains, and overskirts allow brides to create multiple looks for different parts of their special day. This trend is perfect for brides who desire a versatile ensemble that can transition effortlessly from the ceremony to the reception.


Allure Wilderly Bride - Style #F291SL



Bold Colors:
For 2023, traditional white takes a backseat as brides embrace bold and vibrant colors. Shades like blush pink, dusty blue, lavender, and even black are making a stunning appearance on the wedding dress scene. These colors add a modern twist and allow brides to express their individuality while still looking elegant and sophisticated.


High-Low Hemlines:
For brides who want a unique silhouette, high-low hemlines are a perfect choice. This trend combines the best of both worlds, showcasing a traditional long train at the back while revealing the legs at the front. High-low hemlines are ideal for outdoor or beach weddings, adding an element of movement and playfulness to the dress.


The off-the-shoulder trend continues to reign supreme in 2023. This style highlights the shoulders and collarbones, creating a romantic and feminine look. Whether it's a delicate lace design or a sleek, modern silhouette, off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are both timeless and trendy.


Elizabeth Lee - Style #Ryann



Minimalist Styles:
Less is more, and minimalist wedding dresses are making a strong statement this year. Clean lines, sleek silhouettes, and understated elegance take center stage. With minimal embellishments and simple designs, these dresses focus on the bride's natural beauty and radiance. Minimalist styles are perfect for brides who appreciate timeless sophistication and want a dress that will remain eternally stylish.


Maggie Sottero - Style #Noah



Customized Embroidery:
Personalization is key, and customized embroidery is a trend that allows brides to infuse their wedding dress with sentimental value. From monograms and wedding dates to special motifs and quotes, customized embroidery adds a unique touch to the gown. Brides can work closely with the skilled seamstresses at Mary's Designer Bridal Boutique to create a one-of-a-kind dress that tells their own love story!


Sheer Fabrics:
Sensual and ethereal, sheer fabrics are captivating brides with their delicate charm. Illusion necklines, sheer sleeves, and translucent overlays add an element of romance to any wedding dress. Brides can showcase their femininity while maintaining a sophisticated and elegant look. The beauty of sheer fabrics lies in their ability to create an alluring and mysterious aura that captivates everyone's attention.


Elizabeth Lee - Style #Kassidy



With these top seven wedding dress fashion trends of 2023, brides can confidently select a gown that reflects their personal style and sets them apart on their big day. When you’re ready to find your dream gown, book your appointment with our team at Mary’s!