Top Three Wedding Attire Regrets Brides Have

If we told you that wedding dress shopping was always easy, we wouldn’t be telling you the full story. The reality of finding the perfect wedding dress is that there are many opportunities for potential hiccups, and although it’s bound to be a memorable, exciting experience, dress shopping requires a touch more planning than you may expect. You don’t want to end up with anything less than a bridal look you are absolutely in love with, so here are the top three wedding attire regrets brides have, and how you can prevent them from being part of your special day:

Regret #1: Price Shopping

We often find that brides will fall in love with a certain piece they find at one boutique, but end up buying it from another boutique that offers it at a lower cost. This may seem like a financially beneficial practice, but most brides end up regretting their decision to do so. A boutique offering significantly lower prices than other stores are risking its relationships with designers, as manufacturers are responsible for setting retail prices, not boutiques. Failing to honor a designer’s wishes translates to poor relationship-building practices, which can mean less than stellar customer service and an overall less meaningful shopping experience. As such, many brides who opt to price shop end up wishing they would have paid the extra dime for quality service at a trustworthy boutique. 

Regret #2: Not Wearing a Veil

Many brides try on veils during their fitting appointments and just don’t love what they see, so they end up opting out of wearing one. We understand that veils can feel a little awkward at first: you’ve never worn one before, so it’s completely natural to not immediately resonate with doing so. We recommend that you take plenty of pictures in stores both wearing a veil and not wearing a veil so that you can see just how much these pieces add to your look. The last thing you want is to finally receive your wedding photos from your photographer months after your ceremony, and feel like something is undeniably missing from them. Unfortunately, many brides have faced this fate, and you don’t want to be one of them, so try to shelve your doubts early on and trust in the process. 


Regret #3: Saying Yes Based On Anything Other Than Yourself

When wedding dress shopping, it can be easy to become flooded with options and overwhelmed with the many opinions of your loved ones. Many brides feel pressured to make their selection based on someone else’s opinion or on differing prices, rather than saying yes to the dress they feel the most beautiful in. At first, listening to others’ thoughts and sticking to your budget may feel like the safe, least stressful option, but you may end up regretting your decision by the time you’re having alterations done and your dress isn’t at all what you had dreamed of. Do yourself the biggest favor by listening to your heart first, and only taking outside factors into consideration as confirmation, not a rule. 


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