Tuxedos: How to Pick the Best Colors

Finding the right tuxedo color for your wedding can be tough. You want to find a color that suits the season and aesthetic of your wedding, all while being something that your future husband feels confident in. This decision can be intimidating, but don’t worry—we’re sharing all our best tips to find the perfect tuxedo colors for your wedding. 

Consider the Season


First, start with the season! Some colors, like black, look amazing at any time of year, whereas other colors (like green or khaki) look better in certain seasons. Think about whether the color you’re leaning towards will suit the weather—lighter, warmer colors look better in hotter seasons, while darker, cooler colors may look better in cold weather. 

Think About the Bridesmaids


If you’ve already chosen the bridesmaids’ dresses, then think about how the colors will work with one another. Often, the tuxes and dresses are the main feature people remember of your wedding colors, so they need to look great together. Think about whether you want a light and dark contrast, or if the colors are too analogous. You want everything to look seamless at the altar and in photos!

Ask Your Partner


Some men are more fashion-forward than others. The last thing you want is for your future spouse to be uncomfortable in their tuxedo, so be sure to check in to see if they have input. Perhaps he just wants simple, classic black, or perhaps he’s wanting to branch out and wear navy or a charcoal grey—be sure to involve him in the process while choosing!

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