Wedding Dress Fabric Guide

Mar 08, 2019

This article originally appeared on the Maggie Sottero blog. 


Today we’ve compiled a handy wedding dress fabric guide. Shopping for a wedding dress is one of the most anticipated and exciting steps for a bride. However, with so many details to consider including color, cut, cost and length, approaching this decision can feel intimidating. As one of the most important factors, wedding dress fabrics may seem unfamiliar and therefore overwhelming… Make your experience a little easier with our wedding dress fabric guide!


Satin Wedding Dresses



Satin is a favorite go-to fabric for wedding dress designers seeking to add structure and drama to their collection. Satin’s smooth fabric makes it the perfect choice for ruched, draped, and ball gown styles. Because of its heavy material, satin is a great choice for low-temperature weddings. Choose dutchess satin for your elegant winter wedding this year!



Bold Lace Wedding Dresses



The elaborately patterned cotton lace is a fresh interpretation of classic lace fabrics. Bold lace adds texture and depth to many wedding dress styles. Add a twist to your classic yet modern wedding style by incorporating bold lace.



Tulle and Lace Wedding Dresses



Tulle is a netting made of silk and nylon. Because of its delicate and sheer nature, it’s primarily used for veils and skirts. We love the way that tulle adds drama and volume to a dress without adding bulk. 



Organza Wedding Dresses



Organza is a sheer and lightweight fabric like chiffon, however its crisp texture allows it to hold shape. Paired with blush, a hot trend for wedding color palettes, organza fabrics create a high-fashion look.



Mikado Wedding Dresses



The gleaming and whimsical effect of Mikado provides lines that will lead eyes to all the right places, highlighting your best feminine features. 



Chiffon Wedding Dresses



The soft elegance of Chiffon effortlessly flows in the wind and is light-weight, perfect for a summer garden wedding.