Wedding Dress Shopping Checklist

When starting your search for the perfect wedding dress, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you step into a boutique. At Mary’s Bridal, we love making sure our brides have memorable, fruitful bridal appointments, so here are some guidelines you can follow to ensure you get the most out of your dress shopping experience:

Start Early, Book Wisely

Bridal boutiques are typically booked full several weeks out, so you should expect to schedule your appointments about a month in advance. We recommend that you limit your appointments to only 1-2 different boutiques per day so that you can prevent the possibility of the dresses beginning to blend together or of you getting overwhelmed or burnt out. 

Bring Your Inspo

Please, share your inspiration with your stylist! Find photos of styles you’re obsessed with, styles you aren’t a huge fan of, and bring them along with you to your appointment to give us a feel of your personal style. Additionally, we love feedback. Tell us about your personal features that you’d like to highlight, as well as features you aren’t as confident about, and we’ll go from there. This will help us show you dresses that align with your bridal vision that much faster. 

What to Wear

When getting dressed for your appointment, we recommend that you wear nude, minimalistic undergarments. Bright colors, excessive straps, or bulky textures tend to distract from the look and feel of the gowns, so opt for intimates that mirror what you would likely plan to wear on your wedding day. Wearing heels to your appointment isn’t a huge priority; sample dresses are very long and you will likely end up being barefoot to avoid ripping any fabric. You are welcome to bring along a pair just in case, but most brides are just fine without!

How to Prep

We recommend that you take time to touch up before your appointment. We often find that brides don’t feel as confident trying on dresses when they aren’t as dolled up as they’re used to, and that’s the last thing we want! Do your hair and apply enough makeup to feel like yourself, but try to use a lighter hand than you normally would prevent any of your products from transferring onto the gowns.

Ready to find the wedding dress of your dreams? Book your appointment with Mary’s Designer Bridal Boutique today!