Wedding Dress Shopping with Pandemic Supply Chain Delays

Production and manufacturing have been delayed due to the pandemic, as many of you know. Supply chains have been impacted greatly, and the problem isn't over yet. This is why we want to share some helpful information regarding this for any newly engaged brides for what to expect!



Whenever possible, we recommend shopping and ordering your dress at least six to eight months in advance. You should, however, order your dress at least a year before your wedding in order to avoid this problem. There is a significant delay in getting dresses to customers.


You'll also notice that many designers are raising their gown prices weekly if you're shopping for your dress. There is an increase in labor costs and an increase in material costs. The price may jump up within a couple of weeks if you are shopping. Now is the time to lock in the price! It's not really feasible to rush orders at this point. It’s declining more and more over time.


The bottom line is that production is tight, and prices are rising. Dresses are also being discontinued, so keep that in mind. Suddenly, it's available, then it's not. The material for wedding dresses is no longer available, so the dresses are being discontinued.


So, when you're shopping, be prepared to buy. The bridal industry is certainly not the only one affected by this volatile market. You should start shopping as soon as possible and buy as soon as you are ready!


If you’re ready to shop for your dream wedding dress, book an appointment with us at Mary’s Designer Bridal Boutique today!