What Does It Mean To Be Ready To Buy Your Wedding Dress?

What Does It Mean To Be Ready To Buy Your Wedding Dress?

Believe it or not, one of the biggest questions that bridal stylists get the most is, when do I know I’m ready to buy my wedding dress? While this question seems relatively simple, there are a few factors that can really make an impact. Today we’re sharing our advice for knowing what it means to truly be ready to buy your wedding dress!



Firstly, when you’re ready to make your bridal appointment with us, you have to come in with an open heart and open mind and be ready to find “the one” so that you aren’t surprised. When you go wedding dress shopping, it helps not to have commitment issues and be fully prepared to say yes to the dress so you can move on with planning the rest of the wedding! The ideal situation is to set your appointment and come in knowing that you’re going to purchase a gown that day.


Your mindset plays a HUGE role in this! If you aren’t having a great day and are struggling with any negative emotions (other than just usual shopping nerves), we encourage you to reschedule your appointment so you can be in the best mindset possible.


Also, if you’re in a great mindset and are ready to find your wedding dress, make sure you have the right people with you to help make the best decision. You’ll waste your time if the deciding person isn’t there with you! If a crucial person who is supposed to help you isn’t there, it’ll put off your ability to find the right dress. There will be a massive disconnect, so it’s crucial that all of these things are in place to know that you’re ready to buy your wedding dress.

You also want to be prepared financially! Have the funds readily available to buy the dress that day. If you don’t have the funds ready the day of your appointment, it’s simply not the right time. The fact of the matter is, if you’re dress shopping, you’re going to find the one. Go in with the mindset and the funds to be able to close the deal so you make it the best use of your time! 


Even if you feel anxious, be ready to find the perfect gown! Ask as many questions as possible ahead of time and even during your appointment so you’re not surprised by anything. You want to make the decision with your stylist there so that all the details are in line perfectly.


Also, buy your veil the same day as your dress! You want the colors to match perfectly, so it’s important that you do this in store. The sample gown that you tried on might not be available at a later date, after all. If you buy the veil separately, you won’t be able to ensure that it’s a perfect fit and match with your bridal gown.


Ulatimely, what it truly means to be ready is all about your mindset, the people, your funds, and putting your best foot forward to make decisions. If all of these things are aligned, then you are 100 percent ready to buy your wedding dress!