When Wedding Planning Goes Wrong

When Wedding Planning Goes Wrong

Your wedding is an incredibly special moment in your life, so, of course, you want everything to be perfect—but when has anything ever gone exactly according to plan? We’re here to offer you some guidance on handling various situations as they arise and some helpful tips to get you through the wedding planning process.


Your Support System

First things first, we recommend that you surround yourself with a strong support system and a remarkable team of experts to stand by your side on your special day. This means selecting your closest, most reliable loved ones and trustworthy vendors who all understand your wedding day vision, needs, wants, and are able to deliver on them.


Your Reactions

With that being said, a perfect wedding requires more than just effort from your support system. You’ll need to understand that these people are human, and humans make mistakes. Practice responding to troublesome situations with grace, kindness, and consideration. It’s important to accept now that there will be at least one thing that doesn’t go according to plan, and that’s entirely normal.


Your Communication Skills

The moment that something isn’t aligning with your vision, we encourage you to speak up right away! Your vendors and loved ones can’t read your mind, so effectively communicating what you need from them is crucial. By doing this, you give your support system the opportunity to better align with what you’re looking for, or, in some cases, you are able to learn sooner rather than later if you may need to “break up” with a certain vendor.


Letting It Go

Finally, if, and when, you’re met with an undesirable situation, such as a planning mishap or a vendor “break up,” try to let it go. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to remember the true meaning of the day, which is celebrating your love story. Don’t allow one small logistics misstep to throw off your entire day; you won’t even remember the situation in twenty years, but you will always remember having been in a sour mood on such a special occasion.


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