Custom Shoe Dye Services

Custom Shoe Dye Services

Shoe dye services are a must for any bride! The following are some things you will want to keep in mind if you are considering getting your shoes dyed:

  • Please understand colors may vary slightly due to the fabric and lighting variations. It is always best to send a swatch from the dress to be matched and advise which side to match color to. All shoes will be dyed to INSIDE LIGHT unless otherwise specified. Most shoes dyed to outside light will not match inside; and the same, inside will not match outside. Please note that SILK shoes do not dye the same color as satin shoes.

  • Because of fabric dye-lot variations, we cannot guarantee an exact match. If more than one item is being dyed to a color, please order them at the same time to guarantee they come from the same dye mixture. If all items cannot be ordered at once, ask us to make enough dye for the whole party so we can hold the dye for you.

  • Dyeable shoes are not waterproof. They are dyed with a water-soluable dye and will run if exposed to water. Water-protecting sprays may be used to minimize the damage done by moisture, but they do not render the shoes totally waterproof. Shoes that have been water-protected cannot be re-dyed.

  • All dye orders should be opened upon receipt to check for color match. Corrections can be made if notification is received within 48 hours. For our customers who dye their own shoes, please note we are NOT responsible for quality defects, style, size or fabric errors AFTER the shoes have been dyed.

  • Please inspect all items prior to dyeing. All dyed items are non-returnable. Please allow five business days upon receipt for us to process and dye your order plus delivery time.

  • Actual wear dates are needed on all orders. If you request the Dye Room to rush a custom dye order, and adequate time is not allowed, full satisfaction of color cannot be guaranteed.

  • Please reference the terms and conditions on your price list